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About Big Cats

About Big Cats


Cougars are a large carnivorous cat found predominately in the Americas.

Tiger Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Puma
Species: Puma Concolor

Habitat: Cougars are found in western Canada, western United States and Florida, Central America, and South America. Cougars are found in forests, swamps, and grasslands. Cougars are also found in Asia and Africa.

Subspecies: The cougar has more than 30 subspecies,

Size: Cougars are the fourth biggest feline in the world behind the lion, tiger and jaguar. Male cougars are larger than their female counterparts. Male cougars measure 4-6 feet in length and weigh 147 to 227 lbs. Female cougars measure 3-5 feet in length and weigh 79 to 132 lbs. Cougars stand 1.9 to 2.3 feet at the shoulder.

Other Names for Cougars: Puma, Mountain Lion, Mountain Cat, Catamount, Panther, Mexican Lion, Deer Tiger, Mountain Screamer, Florida Panther, Painter, Catamount Panther, Silver Lion, Devil Cat, Indian Devil, Sneak Cat, King Cat, Mountain Devil, Red Tiger, Deercat, Fire Cat, Plain Lion, Grey Lion, Caracajou, Klandagi Catawampus, Quinquajou, Long Tail, Swamp Lion, Unspotted Leopard, Leon, Gato Monte, Cuguar, American Lion, Brown Tiger, Ghost Cat, Mountain Demon, Mountain Devil, Painted Cat, Purple Feather, Red Lion, Red Panther, or Red Tiger

Cougar in Foreign Languages

Bergleeuw / Poema
Esperanto: Pumo
Finnish: Puuma
French: Cougar
German: Puma / Berglowe
Hopi: Toho
Hungarian: Puma
Indonesian: Puma / Singa Gunung
Javanese: Puma
Nahuatl: Miztli
Navajo: Nashdoitsoh
Polish: Kuguar
Portuguese: Onça-parda / Puma / Suçuarana / Leão-baio / Leão-da-montanha
Romanian: Puma
Slovenian: Puma
Spanish: Puma / Leon Americano / Leon Bayo / Mitzli / Onza Bermeja
Swedish: Puma

Diet: Cougars are carnivores they eat deer, elk, beavers, pigs, capybaras, raccoons, armadillos, hares, and squirrels or other mammals in their habitat. Cougars are "ambush" hunters usually over taking their prey.

Description: Cougars are powerfully built, with large paws, sharp retractable claws.

Behavior: Cougars will mark their territories with feces, urine, scratched logs. Males cougars will have home ranges that may cover as much as 100 square miles. Their ranges will often overlap with other cats.

Birth: Cougars give birth to 1-6 cubs, but it is more common for them to have litters of 3-4.

Did You Know?
Cougars are the largest cats that can purr!

Gestation: Cougars carry their young for 3 months.

Cubs: Cougar cubs are 8-15 ounces at birth.

Did You Know?
The geographic range of cougars in Americas is larger than that of any other animal.

Sexual Maturity: Cougars are sexually mature between the ages of 2-3 years of age.

Life Span: Cougars live up to 20 years of age in the wild.

Social Structure: Cougars are solitary except during mating season and when a mother has cubs.

Athleticism: Cougars are extremely agile they can jump 18 feetfrom the ground into a tree. Cougars can run up to 40 mph.


Conservation Status:

Population Status:

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Puma Cat

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